Principal Investigators

Yvonne RogersYvonne Rogers was the principal investigator of the ShareIT project and directed the Pervasive Interaction Lab. She is a professor of Human-Computer Interaction in the Computing Department at the Open University. She is also a visiting professor of Informatics and Information Science at Indiana University in the US. She worked for over 10 years in the interdisciplinary school of COGS at Sussex University and has also spent time working at Apple, Stanford University, University California San Diego, and the University of Queensland. Her research is concerned with how to augment and extend everyday, learning and work activities using a diversity of technologies.

Nicola YuillNicola Yuill ran the Sussex end of the ShareIT project in the Children and Technology Lab, with a focus on collaboration  in children, including those with autism. Her main research interest is in how technology can be used to understand and support children working and playing together, at school and at home, in typical and atypical development, with peers, with parents and with teachers.

Sheep DaltonNick “Sheep” Dalton was a co-investigator on the project and a lecturer at the Open University. With a background in computing and architecture, he recently completed his Eng D. in Virtual Environments, Imaging & Visualisation at University College London. His interests are in ubiquitous computing and the interaction between technology, users and space.

Research Fellows

Rowanne FleckRowanne Fleck was a research fellow on the project, based at the University of Sussex. With a background in AI and Psychology, she had recently completed her PhD in HCI, which was sponsored through the Equator project and explored how a prototype, wearable digital stills camera—SenseCam could support teachers’ reflective practice.

Paul MarshallPaul Marshall was a research fellow in the Pervasive Interaction Lab at the Open University. His research interests centre on the use of novel interfaces and representations for learning and working. Prior to joining the OU Paul completed a PhD as part of the Equator project in the Interact Lab at Sussex University, which investigated the use of tangible interfaces for learning.

Jeff RickJochen “Jeff” Rick was a research fellow on the project, based at the Open University, Milton Keynes. His primary role was as technologist—designing and implementing novel pervasive computing applications. His research interests are in educational and collaborative technologies. He is currently a research fellow / faculty at the Department of Educational Technology, Saarland University.

PhD Students

Victoria BonnettVictoria Bonnett was a student at the University of Sussex with a background in psychology. She worked as a part time research assistant on the ShareIT project. Her research interests are knowledge transfer ability in children with reference to learning goal orientation and the benefits of dynamic assessment.

Will FarrWill Farr completed his Phd in Psychology at the University of Sussex. His background is as a trained primary school teacher with N.P.Q.H. He has research interests in collaboration, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and shareable interfaces.

Samantha HoltSamantha Holt is a PhD student at the University of Sussex with a background in psychology. Her research interests are the social cognitive impairments found in children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and technology to enable learning.

Richard MorrisRichard Morris investigated the learning effects and benefits of reflection when using interactive tabletops for collaborative tasks. The tasks included sports coaching, disaster planning and data mining.

Nadia PantidiNadia Pantidi was a PhD student at the Open University. Her background is based primarily in cognitive psychology and also in intelligent systems and technologies. Her research interests are shareable interfaces and HCI.


A. Berna AytacA. Berna Aytac was a visiting student in the ChaT Lab, completing her Masters degree in Psychological Methods at University of Sussex. She investigated how children in small groups work together and how shareable interfaces can be adapted to support collaboration among children with special needs.

Amanda CarrAmanda Carr is a lecturer in psychology at Canterbury Christchurch University and a visiting research fellow in the ChaTLab. She is interested in children’s collaborative learning behaviour, particularly the influence of mastery and performance goals on interaction and the role of technology in supporting collaboration in the classroom. As a research fellow on ShareIT she ran a classroom study investigating how children collaborate on a shared-space design task (OurSpace) using a multi-touch tabletop surface.

Richie HazlewoodWilliam R. Hazlewood was a PhD student in the School of Informatics at Indiana University Bloomington focusing on Human-Computer Interaction and Design. He visited the lab in Spring/Summer 2009. His research interest center around the design, use, and evaluation, of ambient information technologies, particularly those that are not specifically task-based, and are situated in everyday living. His current advisers include Yvonne Rogers from the Open University, UK as well as Erik Stolterman and Kay Connelly at Indiana University, US. William is also the manager of the E.T.H.O.S. Lab at Indiana University, where he assists in the construction of prototypes for studying issues of privacy and security in elder care.

Steve HinskeSteve Hinske was a visiting researcher working on the AKC project, which he developed during his Ph.D. studies at ETH Zurich. His research is about how current information and communication technologies can be used to digitally augment traditional play environments.

Eva HorneckerEva Hornecker is a Lecturer at the Department of CIS at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and a Visiting RF at the Pervasive Interaction Lab. Before moving to Glasgow, she was financed by a German research grant to work with the Pervasive Interaction Lab where she closely collaborated with the ShareIT project. In previous lives, Eva has been a Visiting Research Fellow at the Interact Lab in Sussex University as part of theEquator project, an acting lecturer in media informatics and interaction design in Vienna (AT) and in New Zealand, and received a Dr.Ing. in her home country Germany from the University of Bremen on how tangible interfaces support collaboration. Her research interests are in ‘beyond the desktop interaction design’, user-centered UbiComp, participatory design, tangible interaction, and social interaction in co-present situations.

Dagmar KernDagmar Kern is a research associate in Pervasive Computing and User Interface Engineering at Duisburg-Essen University. During 2008, she visited the Open University to study how vibrotactile and audio feedback can be useful in a driving simulation.

Maria LuzMaria Luz, after completing her Masters, visited the Open University in 2008. Her work concentrated on analyzing verbal interaction for the OurSpace project and doing a literature search on concept mapping in regards to interactive tabletops.