iPad Apps

Deleting the older versions

Before installing new versions of the applications, you should delete the previous versions as a precaution. This may not be strictly necessary, but it is a great way to avoid installation problems.

  1. Delete the app from the iPad: Find the apps you want to clear out on your iPad. Press and hold one of the icons. All the icons should start to wiggle. Click on the X for each of the apps you want to delete. To stop the icons from wiggling, press the button at the bottom of the iPad screen.
  2. Remove expired Provisioning Profile from the iPad: On the iPad, click on the Settings app. In the left pane, click on the General category. Near the bottom of the right pane, click on Profiles. In turn, click on each profile you want to remove and then hit the red Remove button.
  3. Delete the app from iTunes: Open iTunes and, in the left pane under the Library category, select Apps. In turn, click on each app you want remove and hit the delete keyboard key. When the dialogue box appears, choose “Move to Trash.”

Installing new applications

(Note: In order to install these applications, your iPad needs to be included in the provisioning profile. For a new iPad, just send the UUID number to Jeff and he can update the profile easily enough.)

  1. Download the .ipa files
    • MultiDraw.ipa: This application contains the Consequences game. It can be a bit slow at starting the game as it needs to load the existing drawings, but otherwise it should be usable.
    • DigiTile.ipa: This is a port of the DiamondTouch application. The iPad is significantly slower than a desktop PC. As such, some operations, such as opening the menu, may take a few seconds. Overall, it is usable for creating new tiles.
    • TransTime.ipa: This is the puzzle game about time progression. To configure or restart the game, press on the background and hold for 3 seconds. That will bring up a configuration screen; press “Restart” in the lower lefthand corner to start a new game.
    • Proportion.ipa: This is a preview of the Proportions application to support co-located collaborative learning with a tablet. Jeff is currently working on this.
  2. Move them to iTunes: Drag the .ipa files onto iTunes. They should now appear under the Apps category (under the Library category).
  3. Install them on the iPads: Connect the iPad to iTunes. It may take a few seconds to sync. If it syncs, there’s a good chance it will have already synced the new apps to the iPad. If they are not there, simply drag them from the Apps category in the left pane to your iPad.

Getting files off the iPad

For both DigiTile and MultiDraw, it is possible to easily copy the creations from the iPad to the desktop machine. In MultiDraw, Consequences characters are automatically saved. In DigiTile, you must explicitly save creations (Bottom corner menu: File > Save…).

To copy creations, connect the iPad to the iTunes. In the left pane, click on the iPad. In the top pane, click on Apps. Scroll down to the File Sharing section. Click on the app you want to copy things from. Select the files you want to copy (ignore the iPhone.image file). Below that, click on “Save to…”. Select the file directory you want to save the files in and hit Open (why it says Open rather than Save I don’t know).

  1. Connect your iPad
  2. Open iTunes