Exploring Collaboration with Shareable Interfaces

Workshop, 16–17th September 2010
This 2-day workshop at the University of Sussex aims to bring together researchers from across disciplines who are analyzing interaction, talk and gesture, involved in the development of collaboration. It will focus on how shareable interfaces can both support and help us understand processes of collaboration associated with typical and atypical development. Read more…

Collaborative Learning with Interactive Surfaces: An Interdisciplinary Agenda

ICLS 2010 Workshop, 28 June 2010
In order to further research interest in interactive surfaces for supporting collaborative learning, we organized a pre-conference workshop at the International Conference of the Learning Sciences. This workshop connected leaders in the field with researchers interested in starting research in this area. Read more…

UI Technologies and Educational Pedagogy

CHI 2010 Workshop, 11 April 2010
Given the exponential growth of interactive whiteboards in classrooms around the world, there has been a need to explore how next generation HCI will impact education in the future. Educators are depending on the interaction communities to deliver technologies that will improve/adapt learning to an ever-changing world. Read more…

Surface Tension

London Science Museum’s Dana Centre, 23 June 2009
This one day of interactive exhibitions and workshops was organized by the London Knowledge Lab to showcase the possibilities of interactive surfaces. ShareIT had a major presence both in demonstrating our various tabletop technologies and in workshop presentations. Read more…

Brighton Science Festival 2009

21 February 2009
In our second year of demonstrating our technology at the Brighton Science Festival, children used DigiTile on an interactive tabletop to create colourful mosaic tiles. Their designs were printed out as name badges so that children could display their work to others. Pictures from the event are available here.

Shareable Interfaces for Learning Workshop 2008

11–12 September 2008
The Shareable Interfaces and Learning workshop was held in the innovative Sussex University Creativity Zone. The aim was to draw together research on the design of shareable interfaces to support learning from researchers and practitioners working in areas such as psychology, education, computing, HCI and architecture. Read more…

Shareable Interfaces Workshop 2007

19–20 June 2007
As a precursor to the ShareIT project, an international workshop on shareable interfaces took place in summer 2007, sponsored by the EQUATOR IRC. The workshop drew 40 participants, half from the UK, the other half from Canada, USA, and several European countries. 3 invited keynote speakers (Chia Shen, Sergi Jorda, Kenton O’Hara) discussed current research on tabletop interaction and design issues, music performance as an application field, and experiences from field studies of shareable interfaces in public places such as cafés and pubs. Read more…